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Hypno Made Me Do It

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Hypno Made Me Do It
By Natfrost31

Posted with permission from Natfrost31

Natfrost31's Original Post

So the other night, a black trans gurl with at least a 9" cock fucked my brains out for at least 2 1/2 hours. That sounds insane, right? Like "yeah, whatever, uh huh ok." It was fucking amazing, like a god damn dream come true.

I don't pass, but i love to dress and train my holes every chance i get. I have a dozen toys and as many bottles of lube, half or mostly used heh. Bad dragon med unflared Chance and large Nocturn are my current favorite 1 2 combo, so yeah, i like deep and wide. She is probably 5'10" 130 or 140, solid muscle with small but developed breasts with very sensitive nipples, that perfect handful length curly black hair and perfectly smooth body. Her lips were massive, and I loved kissing and sucking on them and thrusting my tongue down her throat and sucking on hers as it returned in mine. Think Angelina Jolee(sp?w/e), luscious.

but that dick was magic. I was in awe and mine shrank at the meer sight of it. It was pretty fucking obvious who was going to get fucked that night.

But let me back up.

adult dating app, msg's, pics, #s, time/place, game time. she asked about 420, I mentioned I was dry, she arrives and I offer her some water. after the 1st bowl, we had talked a little bit about our lives and the 2nd got us giggly. I asked her if she wanted to watch some netflix, we wind up fucking for 2+ hours to One Punch Man. It was pretty perfect background noise in an apartment lol. It took no time for her to take her jeans off, it was too hot in my place, she sat down next to me on the propped up pillows and i saw her smooth legs and clearly bulging package, I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to. I ran my hand across her smooth, freshly shaven, muscular thigh. I couldn't stop myself, I just reached for her cock. That's when I got the initial shock. I don't know what else I expected. I hadn't seen it in a pic yet. For some reason I thought I'd be bigger? who knows. It wasn't fully hard and it was massive in my already fairly large hand. She had booty shorts and panties on still, but between making out with those fat fucking lips and the feel of the cotton of the shorts, I had to reach inside and feel it in my hand. It was sooooo warm. and my hands were a bit cold, so it quickly warmed me up, but my whole body was quickly catching on fire with the realization of what was growing in my hand. we got her shorts and panties off, both of us getting naked while exploring each others bodies with our hands and mouths. She was ticklish around her neck and shoulders, and I played the dom and held her tight sucking and biting and squeezing her body, rubbing against her and jacking her massive cock, squeezing out every little noise I could make her sweet, songbird voice make. I got her on her back and put myself between her legs, my much smaller and limp cock feigning it's fucking death in the presence of such majesty. her black cockhead coated in a healthy pre cum already, thick and wide, I maneuvered down further and took the slimy head and shaft down my throat a good 5 inches in my first try. I had practiced just a few days earlier on the BD Chance and my normal 10" realistic dildo. The results paid dividends as she moaned in surprise and satisfaction on my next few thrusts down my throat. The base of her cock evaded me, try as I might. it's hard to deep throat in a prone or kneeling forward position and I was too desperate to ask her to move. I just keep bobbing and trying to make her cum, her cock was smooth and had a brushed leather taste to the tongue, i wanted it forever. I slathered my mouth, lips and tongue over every speck of that cock and balls. It was thoroughly wet with saliva and then I'd lick it dry again. her balls were so sensitive but fit perfectly in my mouth, one after the other, back and forth that she had to pull me off, fine, so I licked down her taint into that sweet puckering flower. This part, I'm not too proud to admit, was a personal favorite of mine. I've never got so deep and turned on by rimming ass as with this black beauty laying on my bed. i couldn't get the position I wanted into that hole, so I flipped her onto her hands and knees and went back to work, this time squeezing these perfect globes of pure, feminine ass, like what the fuck, these aren't fake! it's soooo squishy and muscly and perfect! I delivered smacks and bites and my hands explored and massaged while she moaned and cried "Yes!" every time I said "Mmmm, you like that?" and she tasted like spicy cinnamon! her moans were evidence i was doing well, and her raging hardon pulsed rhythmically in my hand. We collapsed together and interwined in our embrace, kissing and moaning and groping. I positioned her massive cock up against our abdomen while mine gyrated against her helplessly. I came up for air and whispered "will you fuck me with that?" "Uh huh" she replied eagerly. I noted her uptick in energy right then to my fairly decent figure, male in all respects but a shaven bikini region, front and back. I'm covered in a thick layer of fine, blond-almost-white inch or so long hair on my legs and arms, slightly darker, strawberry blond on my chest that i shave infrequently. I go to the gym regularly and i'm down to 195 plus or minus 5 on the day. She had posted about liking stoners and hairy guys, so it worked out well lol! So there I am laying on my back on my bed with long argyle socks on with a skinny black trans girl and her 9" cock flopping on my abdomen, putting my limp dick to shame (I get nervous on pot and have a hard time getting hard with 1st meetings...not a porn star yet lol) and i'm laughing in my head because I'm so fucking ready for this! I've been practicing for years for this! I spent 2 hours earlier that day after work stuffing my asshole with dildos to clean and work it out, honestly not truly expecting this to go so swimmingly. I didn't come earlier, so I was fucking worked up about it now, laying with her on top of me, my whole body tense in eager yet anxious anticipation and my mind just so fucking ready to get experienced, deeply and roughly experienced. Lube from the night stand, not my favorite, but condom safe, my hole was tight and I should have worked it better, but when she popped past the first ring, it stung a bit, I can't lie, always get as many fingers in as the cock is wide first gurls! I'm not going to let pain stop me lol, just breath deep and wince and flex and squeeze out a tear or two if you have to, but don't be scared unless there's blood. otherwise, pain will turn to fucking pleasure, and like, Oh My God, did it ever. She was so patient with me too, she was responsive to my moans and requests to slow or stop, but she would always keep going and pushed the lube deeper and I finally relaxed enough to hilt that cock of hers, barely, eventually, but that journey was mind altering. I'm not even sure I can accurately describe it without having to stop and go fuck myself stupid here mid thought. I mean it, I'm struggling to write this lol! once my 2nd ring relaxed (3rd never quite would) she was bottoming out with each thrust, my legs up over her shoulders as she leaned her cock into me. I was moaning involunarily through the sensation of everything "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" each thrust forcing the words out of me, prompting deeper and faster thrusts and louder and more pleading moans from me. eventually she was full speed, bed-breaking deep thrusts, with my legs up over my head, knees near my ears, her hands on the backs of my legs, I could barely see any of it with my eyes almost rolled back. This went on for eons, i swear. I wasn't going to pussy out and miss out on this! I endured and she performed incredibly! Every time my ass would constrict and spasm, I would breath and moan and try to move that tension somewhere else in my body like my legs or chest or my back, just so she could get a few more thrusts in my ass with that black cock. finally with the deepness of the thrusts making me sore, she settled into a steady, mid deep rhythm that made her moans grow and climax in short order! she had cum, in my ass (in a rubber) and I was...god I was exhausted but ready for more! skipping some tender cuddling and making out, we rehydrated and she had me bent over on my knees so she could stand and deliver from the side of the bed, this was where the magic really happened. She was so amazing with her thrusts and positioning, she knew exactly where my prostate was and kept aiming and hitting and then getting bored and just driving that pipe deep past it. eventually my legs caved out and she straddled me, having no trouble spreading me wide and continuing the drilling. once she hit a good stroke of tapping deep onto my prostate, I couldn't help but push my ass up into the air, using my knees for support and my feet to pull her towards me. I arched my back deep and felt the pressure intensify, i was moaning so loudly, almost yelling for her to fuck me! She would keep pulling that beast almost completely out and then remount me with a girlish grunt and a slick pop of her balls against my ass. I was pushing myself to the limit and so was she, I've never pushed my ass so high into the air, but doing so for that cock was a physical act of worship to me. She was wrecking my ass, just plowing deep and hard and fast, slap slap slap, me crying into the bedsheets "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" and her moaning out high pitched "Yes! Yes! Yes!" The theme of OPM playing over credits, I think. She came again, and collapsed on my back and we just lay there huffing and breathing and her kissing my neck and squeezing me.

Exausted, we just cleaned up quickly and passed the fuck out, spooned and sweaty, just so grateful for the most amazing fuck, at least for me, ever. We woke up again at like 4am and jacked each other off to orgasm, both of us cumming on her chest which I licked up and then shared with her in a passionate kiss. our cum mixed and salty and delicious. After another nap, she left, off to tend to her day, and me mine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. We've made plans to see each other again, hopefully regularly...god I get hard thinking about it lol. I just wanted to share this here because this sub has been such a huge...influence...on me for the past few years lol I love who I am and my sexuality is incredibly gratifying. I may not be Natalie Mars or Jessica Fappit, bless their sexy sissy hearts, but honestly, I just feel like a million bucks! I keep a tumblr blog that I run sort of from the perspective of a daddy, only because there aren't enough of them and I like being a male minded influence on my fellow sissies. I guess I don't truly identify as either, or both, or idk anymore lol. It doesn't matter. Thanks!


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