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Becoming A Cocksucker

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Becoming A Cocksucker
By Silkstockinglover

Posted with permission from Silkstockinglover

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Summary: Straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing revelation that hypno sissy videos exist in the first place.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18-years-old.

Note 3: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, DomMasterJim and Wayne for editing.


This was tough to choose. It has gay male (a guy sucks a cock), interracial (a guy sucks a black cock), and it has mind control (with the hypnosis pieces throughout the story). Yet, in the end it is a quirky, unique, fetish story and thus I put it in the fetish category.


-This is a hypnosis story with potential influential subliminal messages within it.

-The story has over a dozen hypnosis video scenes within it.

-Also, the story is about a high school senior's unknowing journey into being hypnotized and turned into a willing cocksucker. It is long on plot, video training and descriptive video scenes and is over 20,000 words long.

That said, hopefully the payoff is worth it.

I hope you enjoy something relatively new from me.




Hypno Sissy: Becoming a Cocksucker

As I took the sixth load down my throat, four more already deposited in my ass and I still had a line of at least six waiting their turn to deposit their load inside one of my two cum deposits, I couldn't help but recall when I was a man and not a sissy bitch whose only purpose was to be a cum bucket for big dicked men.

Three months earlier...




I had it all.

Girls lining up to get fucked by me.

In the High School movies it's always the quarterback who is the star of the school, dating the stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed captain of the cheerleaders.

Well, in my school, I'd already fucked the captain of the cheerleaders, actually I'd fucked all but two of the cheerleaders, and I assume I would have bagged them too if they were not dykes.

Every party I attended, I hooked up with a new slut eager to become popular. They all seemed to want to have one night of big Brian.

I'd fucked, besides almost the entire cheerleading team, the school vice-president, the leader of Glee club, all three nerds in debate club (all during the same evening... but that is a story for another time), another couple dozen girls from almost every clique in the school, three bitches from our rival school (including their head cheerleader), one of my friend's moms, a few other MILF's (including one of my ex-girlfriend's mothers) and even a teacher.

Like, I said, I had it all... on top of that I also had dozens of scholarships from colleges all over the country.

I wasn't the quarterback, or wide receiver or running back who usually got all the media attention and glory when we won... no, I was a linebacker... which meant I was the one who hammered the quarterback for a sack, clobbered a wide receiver as he went to make a catch or drilled the running back as he tried to find an open hole to run through.

I can't explain it, but when it came to football I could almost always read the play the opponent was going to run.

Thus, like I said, SEC schools were offering me ridiculous scholarships, including some perks that were not in writing.

Like I said, I had it all.

I was the man.

And I fucking loved it.

It was at a Friday night party in January that things got even more interesting.

I was invited to a party at the college in my town, which was desperate to have me in the fall, although I had no interest in going there... I was going to go to one of the Big Ten, one that would pave my way to the NFL and the big fucking money.

And although I was a High School senior, I looked a lot older.

Also, not trying to be pretentious but I'm very good looking and have an impressive seven plus inch dick.

Thus, women seemed to come onto me.

Tonight was no different.

A half dozen college beauties were all over me... yet it was a hot redhead that seemed to be ignoring me that drew my interest.

I loved redheads.

They were always wild in bed.

After a few drinks, I sauntered over to her and introduced myself.

She shocked me when she said, "I don't fuck High School boys."

I laughed, "Trust me, one time with me and you would."

She laughed, moving her hand to my crotch, "Because of this?"

"Of course," I nodded, women usually being very impressed with my package.

"I've had bigger, much bigger," she said, rubbing my cock through my jeans even as her friends watched amused.

"Well, they say it isn't the size, it's how you use it," I countered, not one to back down from a challenge.

"Only small dicked boys say size doesn't matter," she countered. "Does size matter ladies?"

"Fuck yes," one said.

"And girth," another said.

"Bigger the better," the last one chipped in.

"Well, I've never had any complains before," I said, still trying to remain confident even though I was slightly rattled by this redheaded Goddess. Usually, girls just swooned when I walked into the room... I seldom had to work hard for pussy.

"What? From High School girls?" she scoffed. "That is the minor leagues. This," she paused, as she looked around the party, "is the big leagues."

"And I want a starting position," I smoothly said.

"You are determined," she smiled, for the first time.

"It's one of my endearing traits," I said suavely.

"Do you have more than one?" she asked, quite the ball buster... her hand still on my dick.

"I have a couple more," I smiled.

"Ladies, do you think Professor Walker would consider this the charity work she was talking about the other day?" she asked, a wicked smile now on her face.

I was going to fuck the hell out of her.

"You may get bonus credit," one girl joked.

"Come with me," the redhead said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the party.

I smiled to myself... excited I had won again.

Ten minutes later we were in her dorm room and she ordered, as she dropped to her bed and hiked up her skirt, "Let's see if one of your endearing traits is licking pussy."

Oddly, I had only licked pussy twice. Both times it didn't appeal to me, the scent pungent and the taste fishy... and I hated fish.

I said, "I'm more a get right to the fucking type of guy."

"Then bye," she sighed, pulling her skirt back down.

"Wait, not so fast," I quickly said, not willing to lose out because of a technicality.

"Either get on your fucking knees and bury that pretty face in my box or get out," she said, not seeming to care which choice I made.

I didn't hesitate, really turned on by this strong-willed woman. Usually, the girls I fucked were eager, submissive and willing to do almost anything I asked. I'd shot my load on dozens of faces, had girls eat each other out for me, and had, I think, eighteen girls give up their ass for me.

Never, had I met a girl who was this demanding.

Oddly, it turned me on.

She lifted up her ass and I pulled her panties down for her.

She then spread her legs, revealing a completely shaved pussy, something I had only seen a couple of times with all the cunt I'd fucked. She ordered, "Get licking, High School boy."

And I did.

Her taste wasn't any better than the other two I tasted, although there was almost no scent.

I licked and licked and she moaned and talked dirty to me. "That's it, my little High School pussy pleaser, lick my cunt."

Hearing a girl call her pussy a 'cunt' was also surprising as almost all girls, even some of the nastiest sluts I had banged, resented the 'c' word... it was almost as bad as the 'n' word for blacks.

"I think we finally found a place where you belong, on your knees," she continued. And "This is how a man really pleases a woman," and "You obviously need more practice if you are ever going to make a girl really come."

'I have made tons of girls come,' I thought to myself, even as my cock was hard and begging for release from this strange, unorthodox treatment.

"My clit, suck on my fucking clit," she demanded, which only turned me on more. I found nothing hotter than a girl with a nasty tongue.

The hottest ever was the mom of an ex of mine who would only let me fuck her in the ass, because, in her own words, anal sex wasn't cheating. She was from England and she had the nastiest foul mouth I'd ever heard. As I fucked her ass, she talked so nasty, "That's it, pound my shit hole," and "Ream my arse with that big fucking dick," and "Fuck my tight arse hole," and finally "Fill my fucking arse deposit with your hot cum."

Suddenly, the redhead, whose name I realized I still didn't know, grabbed the back of my head and began grinding her pussy up and down my face.

I couldn't believe it. Sure, I had face-fucked quite a few girls and really fucked the shit out of some... literally... but being on the receiving end of such aggressiveness had me confused.

I just extended my tongue and allowed my face to be used for another's pleasure... after a couple minutes of rough grinding on my face... she came.

And holy crap... she was a squirter, as my entire face was drenched with wetness. I tried licking as she came, her cum actually tasting sweet.

A moment later, she pushed me away and I stood up and began to unbuckle my belt.

She asked, "What are you doing?"

"Letting you return the favour," I said, surprised by her question.

"Um, that isn't going to happen," she said, as she stood up and allowed her skirt to fall back down.

"You're serious?" I asked, not used to rejection.

"I don't suck or fuck on the first date," she smiled, leaning in and kissing me... her hand going to my pulsing cock.

As she kissed me, she frantically rubbed my cock through my jeans and in less than thirty seconds I creamed my jeans... moaning into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, she pulled out her phone from her purse, typed briefly and said, "Enter your number."

I took her phone, flattered she wanted it and confused by this whole strange sexual encounter. As I did I saw my name was 'High School cunt muncher'. I entered my number as I said, "By the way, my name is Brian."

"I like 'High School cunt muncher' better," she smiled.

"Do you have a name?" I asked, giving back her phone.

"Yes," she nodded, as she kissed me again and said, "I'll be in touch when I want my cunt munched."

"Um, okay," I said, watching as she walked out of her own dorm room, leaving me alone in it.

Bewildered, I walked out and she was nowhere to be found.

I sighed and headed home, feeling gross with cum dripping all over my underwear.

For the next two weeks, I waited for her to call.

For two weeks, I couldn't really get excited by other girls. Sure I fucked a few, including the new exchange student from Sweden, but all the time I was thinking about the unnamed redhead.

Then I got the text:


If so, meet me in room 412 of the Health Sciences Building at 3:00.

This is a ONE TIME offer High School cunt muncher.

My cock instantly hardened.

Yet, was all she going to use me for was a quick cunt munching?

And if that was the case, was I okay with that?

She completely intrigued me as she treated me like she was the man and me, the girl. Now, I'm not gay or even remotely feminine, but somehow not being the one in charge turned me on.

I have no idea why. In all my other sexual encounters it is always about me, my pleasure, my dick... yet, with her, I don't know.

I was intoxicated by her and had to see her again.

I texted back:

I'll be there.

I left school before my final class, Chemistry, and drove to the college, getting there five minutes late (which was a good ten minutes early for me... I learned early to always keep the women waiting).

Although when I reached room 412, I was surprised to say the least... it was the girl's washroom.

I texted:

I'm here... but room 412 is the girl's washroom!

I received a text right back:

You're fucking late.

Get your ass in here right fucking now.

I'm in the last stall.

I couldn't believe it. She wanted me to go into a public girl's bathroom.

I looked every way, a couple guys were walking towards me so I just leaned against the opposite wall as if I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish freshening up... or whatever the fuck girls do in the bathroom.

Another text:

Now or fucking never, cunt muncher!!

I had to see her again, so I took a deep breath, looked each way quickly, and then entered the forbidden room... a place every guy wonders about... the girl's washroom.

"Hurry up," she called out, the moment I entered.

I quickly scurried to the end stall and entered. She was already on the toilet, skirt hiked up and legs spread.

She ordered, "Knees, now."

I wanted to talk to her, to get to know her (something I never wanted to do with the plethora of girls I fucked), but startled by her dominant and perturbed tone, I did as she ordered.

"Don't just kneel there like a fucking dimwit, get licking," she demanded.

Again, I obeyed, even though I couldn't believe I was obeying. Girls came to me when I wanted a booty call, I didn't go to them... especially to eat pussy... yet, that was exactly what I was doing.

I leaned forward and began licking, her scent slightly stronger this time.

She ordered, "Don't make love to my fucking cunt, eat it."

I was in such awe of this college girl. She was treating me like a slut which was completely surreal and, yet again, had my cock hard as steel and begging for attention.

After a couple more minutes of licking her cunt she asked, "Are you hard?"

"Like a rock," I answered.

"Pull out your cock," she ordered.

'Yes', I thought to myself. I was going to get to fuck this hot redhead.

I began to stand up and she ordered firmly, "Stay on your knees, just fish out your cock."

I was again surprised, but obeyed. Although I was a little annoyed, as I wanted her to see my cock up close and personal... confident that would impress her... plus, of course, I desperately wanted to fuck her... more than I had ever wanted to fuck a girl before.

Once I had it out, she said, not seeming at all interested in seeing it, "Now you can jerk off while you eat my box."

I was again stunned, but my cock dying for attention, I began stroking my cock as I leaned forward and resumed eating her, as she called it, box.

As I licked and jerked off at the same time, she moaned, "Oh yes, such a good boy."

Surreal words, and yet they flattered me... knowing I was making her happy.

"I want you to come for me, High School boy," she ordered, a couple of minutes later. "Come while eating me out."

And somehow those words were all I needed to erupt, having been close for a while, and I spewed my load all over the front of the toilet.

"Ohhhhh, yes, come for me," she moaned.

Those were more like the words I was used to hearing, as rope after rope shot out of me.

She came a couple of minutes later, again coating my face with an abundance of pussy juice.

A moment later, she said, "I'll be in touch."

"Um, okay," I nodded, still on my knees, cock out.

"Well go," she said, shooing me out.

"Okay," I nodded, again feeling cheap and used... and confused.

I walked out of the bathroom, thankful that no one was around to see me leaving the girl's washroom.

I headed home trying to understand this strange relationship I have with the beautiful redheaded girl whose name I still didn't know.

The next afternoon, once school was done, now having her cell number, I texted her:

Can I take you out for dinner?

This was a huge shift for me. I didn't date... I fucked.

Yet, I wanted this girl more than I had any girl ever. And... as strange as it was, especially considering how she was treating me, I wanted more than just sex, I wanted to date her.

An hour later, she responded:

If you want to EAT in, be at my dorm room at 7.

This wasn't what I asked, but wanting to spend time with her, I wasn't going to squabble over semantics or location, I texted back I would be there.

When I arrived a few minutes early, I was surprised to see another guy open the door. He was tall, 6'6 at least, and towered over me, something I wasn't used to.

He didn't say anything as he walked out, just as she called out, "Come in, High School."

My name was now simply 'High School'.

I walked in, closed the door and reminded her, even as I wondered why that guy had been there (did they just fuck?), "My name is Brian."

She was on her couch, in a skirt and blouse, her cheeks were red, the red they get when someone was just fucked, and her hair was slightly disheveled.

No doubt, she had just had sex.

I was furious.


And yet, even though I should have left, I didn't. I asked "So, can I take you out for dinner?"

"Actually I just had a nice snack," she said, implying the obvious, she had swallowed the tall guy's load, "but I do have an essay to write and wouldn't mind some oral stimulation."

So I crawled under her desk and for the next hour I licked her pussy... slowly... while she wrote an essay, I think, and chatted with her mother on the phone for a good twenty minutes. I stopped when I realized she was on the phone with her mother, but she slapped the back of my head.

Once off the phone, she grabbed the back of my head and again used my face to get off.

Once she was done coming, she asked, rolling her chair back to look down at me, "Hard?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Let me reward you for being such a good boy," she said. "Stand up and fish out that cock."

I quickly obeyed, happy to get off my knees, and praying this time those luscious lips were going to wrap around my cock.

Once it was out, she nodded, "Nice cock."

"Thank you," I said, as she moved and took it in her hand.

"Do you want to come on my face?" she asked.

"I'd love to do more than that," I said, trying to regain some of the usual swagger I had when with women.

"I bet you would," she purred, as she slowly stroked my cock. "I plan to fuck the hell out of you one day, my High School cunt muncher, but not until I believe you are ready."

"Oh, I'm ready," I said, my balls about to burst.

"Oh, I know you think you are," she said, moving her hand faster, "but men, real men, don't come in seconds from just being stroked."

"Ahhhh, fuck," I groaned, as she was somehow a mind reader, as literally a couple seconds later I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my load all over her face.

"Bad boy," she smirked, even as she kept stroking me and my cum kept splattering against her face. "I don't recall giving you permission to come."

"Sorry," I apologized, even as I realized what she had said.

"Obviously," she said, scooping some cum off her face and putting it in her mouth, "you need some discipline training."

"What does that mean?" I asked, as she slowed down her jerking motion.

"You need to be able to control your orgasm," she explained, as she stood up. "Real women like men who can fuck all night."

"Trust me, I can fuck all night," I said.

She moved her hand and put a finger in my mouth, which I realized was coated in my cum.

I gagged.

"What, have you never tasted yourself?"

"What? God, no, that's gay," I replied, once she pulled her finger out.

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