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  • Username: Najeeah
  • Joined: March 22nd 2018
  • Last Login: 2019-07-25 at 10:08:58
  • Gender: Sissy
  • Age: 42
  • Location: Spain
  • Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
  • City: Algiers
  • State: Algiers
  • A little about me... After 7 years of sissy brainwashing , I'm 42 years old :
    - First blowjob January 22,2019,want more and more sucking and swallowing !
    - January 26,2019 , friday after midnight: 2 blowjobs (with an old man, and a guy with a 20 cmx6cm huge dick,I couldn't deep thraot the guy) + blowjob and anal with creampie inside.
    - February 15,2019 : Hard blowjob with a drunk man,he mouthfucked me really hard deepthroating,I almost vomit , he fucked my whole mouth and thoat includings sides and cheeks ..etc, he start shouting when I blowed him and swallowed his cum.
    - thursday february 21st,2019 after midnight (so friday);I got a dream dick from a black guy,really good hard cock 17 cm x 5 cm,huge load of tasty cum,5 mn sucking.I got my revenge : I did deepthroat many times and managed his hard mouthfucking.
    - Update : monday February'25 2019 (sunday after midnight) : I met the black guy again I gave him a blowjob then I pulled my pants down he saw my lingerie stockings and jumped into my ass,fucked me hard and creampied inside bareback.When he left the old man of january 26 came : blowjob then anal fuck,he creampied my asshole bareback after less than 20 sc.
    - night of March 11th to 12th 2019 : I seduced an islamist guy,I gave him a sign to follow me,I went behind a concrete block,he followed me.
    He seemed little perplexed then I approached him and asked him what time is it,then he started talking about sins and repentance,I just replyed by "hhe..heee (yes , yes)
    " then I turned my back to him and pushed my ass agains his belly,he stopped talking and started touching my ass.He pulled his dick,and that was the most beautiful dick
    I've ever met: big,thick,shaved,juicy and hard... 18cm x 5 cm... did a short handjob and sucked hard it like a pig,that was really good,I deepthroated it
    lick it,i was mad!
    I felt his dick throbing and getting incredibly hard,when he asked me if I accept a fuck,I told him "no",but he kept asking me,and told he just wanna rub it against
    my ass,I accept,but once his dickhead touched my anus,he couldn't resist,and penetrated me with no saliva,deeper and deeper he was moaning and breathing like a bull,and creampied
    inside bareback.He left me without saying a word.

    - half an hour after the islamist guy,I saw the drunk man og february 15 2019 waiting to be sucked by a faggot,I gave him a sign by my eyes and I went behind a concrete block,he came and pulled his dick (he simply left the other faggot)
    I smelled the odor of alcohol and told him , I'll just do handjob,he told "blowjob please !!!" I replied "how much you're gonna pay me for blowjob ?"then he told me the price and swear he'll pay.
    I started doing MY DUTY as good as possible,when he started moaning I knew he liked it,and creampied inside my mouth (but I didn't swallow cause i dont like alcohol),he paied me and left.
    - Update - monday march 19,2019 : strange - almost supernatural - thing happened when I was walking to a place where I used to suck,
    my lips start moving to the right side like to suck something,their movement was kinda "out of control", once I stopped walking
    I heared steps behind me,that was a man - I knew he's hard and horny from the lips sign -.
    In fact I got that srange Lips Sign 3 times from january 22 wich was the first time I sucked a guy, then I got it on
    the black guy too.
    So the Lips Sign became for me a Sign of " a good horny juicy dick coming ".
    The guy approached and asked me for a cigarette,I gave him the one I was smoking,then he followed me behind a rock, I told him I'm gonna sit
    and he understood that I wanna suck and turn his dick toward me,I pulled it out of his pants and started sucking like a pig,his dick was big ,thick,with a really huge
    dickhead,I enjoyed sucking,but after few minutes I heared voices coming,and stopped...that was two guys walking toward our position , I told to my guy
    "let's talk about fishing or some manly stuff to make a diversion" ... the guys heared us and stopped walking,then left after few minutes.
    I pulled his dick out again , and sucked it harder like a crazy bitch,he wanted to fuck me,but I refused , I asked him for some money if he want to fuck,he told me next
    time,he promised that he'll pay me friday night,so I suggested that we'll meet friday night if he want to fuck,then I finished him by blowing his dick and
    swallowing his tasty cum.
    wish me good luck for friday ,22 march 2019 (my 2nd monthly anniversary of my slutty new life !)
    - Update - Friday march 22,2019 :
    I went to the date I had with the guy who promised to pay me for a fuck.
    He was there,waiting I kept walking and i gave him a sign by my eyes,he followed me behind rocks.
    I learned from my experience,that any guy goes mad and want anal,when I do blowjob,so I started by pulling his
    dick,I jerked it then started blowjob...I smelled a really bad odor, I asked him if he fucked someone or if
    he got blowjob.. he said no,I thought he's not lying cause his dick stood up quickly,I sucked it really good (thinking I'm doing my job)
    but didn't enjoy cause of the bad odor and taste (dirty man).
    When I felt he's about to cum I stopped to ask him about the money he promised to fuck,he asked me if his dick wont hurt my ass ? I laughed
    and said : "give me the money and hurt it if you can".He replied : " I think the money is with the guardian of dozer park" hahaha that was the
    worse lie I've ever heard !! he told me : "wait here, I'll bring the money and be back".
    I knew he's lying,but I thought he'll just walk arround and be back to say : "that's all what I have"... I told to myself,it's ok if he bring half the price.Never back ! haha

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